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Testimonials from Nonprofit Clients

Selected Comments:

“You have had such vision and foresight for years and years… about what is needed for nonprofits to weather storms, especially those that are unexpected.”

"Marta was a full partner with the leadership of the organizations in our merger process. Her attention to detail, realistic timelines and well defined processes made it possible for us to achieve our goals for the year. As the CEO, having initiated the merger, a highlight of Marta's work was her dedicated focus on the human aspect of this venture. Our employees, our single most valuable asset, were given a voice and the opportunity to fully participate in the planning. This was largely due to Marta's knowledge, experience and value based principles. Marta provided the bridge for the two cultures, helping us merge the best of both worlds."
CEO, Behavioral Health Organization

I think we remain one of Marta's only engagements with not one, not two, but THREE CEOs to deal with. Somehow, with all of those personalities in the room, Marta was able to keep us and our board members focused on the big picture: how do we keep this moving in a way that best meets the needs of the individuals we serve? Her calmness, her unmatched organizational skills, and her support of me personally throughout the process were invaluable.
Human services CEO  

As I reviewed the extensive documents, discussions and plans that were part of due diligence, I realized how effective the process was. I am so impressed with how well the steering committee, workgroups and boards went about this task with focus, candor, mutual respect and determination to find the right result. You deserve a great deal of credit for this-- which I hear often from those involved. Thank you.
Vice President, child-serving nonprofit

“Thank you for the incredible strategy session. You really helped me get clarity on untapped opportunities. It was fun talking with someone who sees the big picture and thinks creatively about how to navigate within it.”
Human Services Executive Director

"Navigating the world of nonprofit priorities requires more than experience and talent from agency leadership. When organizational development expertise and a fresh perspective are needed, Marta Brockmeyer is our first call. Marta's broad nonprofit background has helped our agency identify, evaluate and choose the best alternative in a variety of situations. She is a treasure-- a rare combination of a professional consultant and a trusted advisor."
CEO, Cincinnati Affiliate of a National Organization

"We hired Marta on two occasions. Both times we were pleased beyond words. Marta is exceptional. She is proficient in her techniques. She is extremely focused, detailed oriented, and very mindful of the project goals. She is extraordinarily organized, ethical, and punctual. I would welcome any opportunity to hire her again. She conducted a teambuilding workshop that kept our team permanently cohesive. She also served as my executive coach. She constantly challenged me to be the best me at all times. She helped me in ways that are still positively affecting my life and career. Thanks, Marta!"
Executive Director, Human Services Organization

"I have been attending staff planning days here for thirty years and can honestly say that Marta is the best consultant we have ever had. Her ability to keep the group focused and make personal commitments to change made the difference."
Staff Member, Human Services Organization

"You have done an absolutely unbelievable job. You were not only worth anything you were paid but there is no amount of money to fairly recompense you for your work. You successfully did a job that I never thought could be done! I would recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat."
Clinical Supervisor, Human Services Organization

"You successfully shepherded us through a challenging process. It was a joy to watch up close your wisdom, compassion and discernment in making everyone feel ownership of the process. One of our board members stated that she felt it was her most important contribution to date as a board member."
Merger Steering Committee Member

"I don't know a more ethical or professional person."
CEO, merger client

"I truly appreciate all of the help provided... Meetings, emails, documents were tremendously helpful as the work groups are meeting. We are doing all we can to attempt a smooth transition as we approach our merger date."
Project Manager, merger client

“Thank you for everything regarding the merger; the merged organization is indeed stronger in all areas. I was struck by the unique sense of passion and compassion you voiced in relation to the staff. You are gentle but firm. You encourage others and challenge them to think differently. You are truly a gift.”
Merger Steering Committee Member

"You helped guide us through what could have been a difficult planning process. Your leadership through the discussions about combining the operations kept us on task, especially dealing with issues that could have been contentious."
Board Chair & Merger Steering Committee Member

"Your work has been an important part of what we have been able to accomplish over the past few years. We are lucky to have you as a partner."
Foundation CEO

"I cannot adequately express to you my gratitude for all your work on behalf of the merger-- it has gone so far beyond the bounds of what would be expected of anyone in your position. I consider your guidance and mentoring to be a wonderful gift and will be forever grateful."
Community Liaison, Behavioral Health Organization

“You have done so much more than your job. I shudder to imagine where the merged entity would be had you not captained the ships into this new harbor.”
Senior Leader, Behavioral Health Organization

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing work you have done guiding the Steering Committee and herding the cats!”
Executive Director, Environmental Nonprofit

"Marta, as usual you hit it out of the park! Thanks for your professionalism and willingness to share your tremendous insights."
Board Chair, Disabilities Nonprofit

“I have enjoyed working with you and I especially admire your ability to listen to a question and answer it in very honest and easy to understand language. You truly have a gift.”
Merger Steering Committee Member

"I haven't had a chance to tell you personally what a fantastic job you did. The buy in from our participants was obvious. Since then everyone expressed positive reactions to our meeting ... this is helping others to stretch, in a much needed and appreciated way."
Vice President, large human services organization

"Once again, a fantastic read! Thanks for sharing these valuable insights."
Executive Director, state organization

"You have taught me well on how to be collaborative! I often channel my inner Marta."
Vice President, child-serving nonprofit

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're getting rave reviews about the usefulness of the training for staff who attended. Job well done. Thanks so much!"
CEO, Poverty-focused Organization

“I appreciate your keen eye on things and your wise counsel to our Steering Committee members.”
Disabilities Organization

“Your support has not gone unnoticed. Your positive attitude is infectious. I love it!”
CFO & Merger Leadership Team member

"The Project Management workshop was a HUGE hit here and the evaluations were glowing. I have heard excitement about new skills learned from many of the attendees."
Senior Leader, Child-serving Organization

“The newsletter should be required reading for every CEO considering a merger. A good read and exercise for the board chairs as well.”
CEO, Large Human Services Agency

“You should know how much I appreciate your talent, your values and your mentoring.”
Vice President, Multi-service Nonprofit

“Thank you for your insights. We miss you – but you left us stronger and focused for success. Thank you for your invaluable support.”
CFO, Behavioral Health Organization

"I have attended many corporate and nonprofit strategic planning sessions and this is the best I've seen. I am amazed by how much we accomplished in such a short time."
Nonprofit Board Member

"Because the new program is so consistent and aligned with the strategic plan, it was easy for the Board to endorse moving forward with it. So, thanks for your good work with us that laid the groundwork for where we are today."
CEO, Large Nonprofit

"I found your help and expertise to be invaluable with the strategic planning. It really helps me to have someone with your experience sit down with me to clarify ideas and develop the strategies necessary to achieve a goal."
CEO, Human Services Organization

"You are truly a phenomenal facilitator that adds expertise and value to the discussion. I am so happy to be part of such an engaged group!"
CEO, Health-related NPO

"You have done a great job yourself and in getting us the right people for what is needed. I just completed the six month evaluation for the directors... they are doing a great job and exceeding my expectations."
Human Services Executive Director, Northern Kentucky

"An excellent job, under difficult circumstances. Few people could emerge with such grace and confidence."
Executive Director, AIDS Service Organization

"You did a great job of keeping us on task, letting us explore ideas and come away with a doable list of goals and tasks--with our group, that is pretty incredible!"
Development Director

"Your time with us has had a tremendous impact! I hope we can keep the momentum going."
Northern Kentucky Executive Director

"I have always found your publications to be of excellent value to me personally but also as a tool to share with the staff."
Human Services Manager

"I have never attended a meeting that stayed on track so well and kept folks focused on the job at hand… and accomplished results!"
Participant, Consortium Planning Meeting

"A wonderful job, from start to finish, with a complex task and a challenging group. She was organized, directed and, above all, fair."
Administrator, City Neighborhood Services Department

"She has a warm, sensitive and reassuring way of relating and reaching out to people as well as a most engaging facilitation style."
Associate Director, Community Mental Health Agency

"Marta was able to pull this group together, focus their energies and lead them through one of the most productive strategic planning sessions this chapter has ever had. She captured their attention and used her outstanding presentation and facilitation skills to keep everyone on task and moving forward."
Volunteer Resources Coordinator, Large Service Organization

"It's been a good experience, working with you. I am very impressed with your organizational skills, people skills and flexibility. You accomplished a great deal in a limited time frame."
Vice President, Healthcare Organization

"This week couldn't have been better! Everyone is so enthused. Your leadership at our retreat was inspirational and productive. Thanks for your hard work."
Director, Animal-serving organization

"I truly appreciate the way that you stepped up and made our project a priority. Your skills and expertise were well recognized and added value to our process."
Executive Director, Child-serving Nonprofit

"Good meeting! You did well with boundaries and norms, considering this is a large group with obviously lots of variance in personality and thought process styles. Keep it up!"
Vice President, Nonprofit Merger Participant

"The Integration Team members really admire the way you are handling your work with the merger and your professionalism."
Nonprofit Merger Participant

"I really like the style of inclusion and planning that you have incorporated into this process. It will serve us well."
CEO, Child Behavioral Health Organization

"Your detailed and thoughtful presentation helped staff learn more about others; and, at the same time, learn quite a bit about themselves… So many of the attendees have approached me since the training to let me know how much they enjoyed your presentation style."
CEO, Disabilities Nonprofit

"I have attended many workshops on a variety of work related subjects. None have been as useful and inspiring as Marta Brockmeyer's project management class. I would recommend Marta's workshops to anyone and guarantee you will leave motivated to tackle any job!"
Municipal Clerk

"Thanks again for your outstanding project management class. People are using your techniques and the methods are working."
Executive Director, Behavioral Health Organization

"I enjoyed the meetings and felt you did a great job keeping us on track and focused on finding solutions."
County Official