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Strategic Partnerships

Mergers, Acquisitions, Collaboratives

Marta's broad range of consulting assignments informs and enhances her partnership work. Her understanding of nonprofit issues, combined with her counseling and administrative background, allow her to approach complex planning issues with sensitivity and common sense.

Selected Projects

  • Facilitated over fifty formal partnership explorations
  • Provided leadership for the merger of two large senior-serving nonprofits
  • Guided the merger of two large child-serving nonprofits
  • Facilitated over fifty formal partnership explorations
  • Guided the merger of two large child-serving nonprofits
  • Facilitated the creation of a funded collaborative between two behavioral health organizations
  • Facilitated due diligence and integration planning for three human services organizations that successfully merged
  • Facilitated planning process for merger of two large organizations serving those with disabilities
  • Facilitated multiple merger explorations between child-serving organizations
  • Facilitated clinical and cultural integration of two merged organizations
  • Led merger exploration and completion for poverty-focused and literacy agencies
  • Planned joint services exploration among four large nonprofits
  • Led merger exploration between two environmental agencies that successfully merged
  • Supported several area funders with grantee issues related to partnerships
  • Structured various discussions between several organizations serving those with disabilities
  • Guided partnership discussions between organizations that support the nonprofit community
  • Provided support for acquisition involving family-focused organizations
  • Facilitated lengthy process between two large behavioral health providers
  • Led initial discussions between poverty-focused nonprofit and child-serving entity
  • Assisted with transfer of services following dissolution of one agency
  • Supported dissolution of several small nonprofits
  • Led due diligence process for two housing corporations that successfully merged
  • Conducted process to explore partnership between behavioral health organization and a specialized school
  • Led two large senior-serving organizations through due diligence
  • Provided leadership for two health-related organizations through due diligence
  • Assisted three agencies creating a formal collaborative
  • Facilitated due diligence for two membership organizations
  • Structured process for several partners to determine future of their collaborations
  • Assisted in several dissolutions
  • Created structure for final negotiations during a difficult due diligence process
  • Provided leadership for initial discussions that resulted in a transfer of services from one human services organization to another
  • Conducted confidential negotiations for other organizations
  • Regularly provides informal partnership expertise for nonprofit community

Previous assignments include:

  • Strategic planning and implementation (40 projects)
  • Planning across multiple organizations and geographic areas
  • Succession planning
  • Organizational assessments and restructuring
  • Community needs assessments
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Project management
  • Research and writing
  • Leadership coaching
  • Training
  • Board and staff retreats