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Nonprofit Consulting Qualifications

Experience, competence, passion

About Marta

Marta is a human services consultant with over forty years of experience in planning, facilitation, and implementation. She has worked in nonprofit, government and higher education environments. Her broad nonprofit knowledge and common sense make her a trusted advisor within the greater Cincinnati area.

Following a career in counseling and higher education administration, Marta facilitated a state-wide project that launched her consulting practice. Since that time, she has provided leadership for many collaborative efforts as well as agency-specific initiatives. She regularly donates pro bono hours to the human services community.

Her professional training includes degrees in English, counseling and education. Her doctoral studies focused on the First Amendment and student legal rights, reflecting her life-long commitment to civil liberties.

Marta lives in Newport, KY with her husband Gary Monroe and their dog Taxi. In addition to her passion for human services effectiveness, Marta loves movies, opera, baseball, and quiet times with her large circle of friends.

Partnership Values

The success of a project depends on the alignment of consultant and client values. Marta seeks nonprofit partners who share the following:

  • True commitment to change
  • Focus on mission and client services, not egos
  • Fairness and an inclusive process
  • Active listening with heart and attention
  • Intentional thinking and dedicated time for planning
  • Respect and support for board, staff and volunteers
  • Direct, compassionate communication
  • Proactive attention to detail
  • Enjoyment of learning together